Mother's Day Event!

推出感恩母亲免费健康讲座以及爱心抽奖活动,凡是打电话报名参加的都可以获得中奖机会,最高奖项有价值$1680 的私房蜜语美胸疗程,还有价值不等的护肤套盒,纯精油礼包以及spa现金券。
Tian Na Spa美人天下


To promote health and beauty to all our mothers, there will be an event on 05/04/2014 at 3:00PM located in Tian Na Spa! We will have guest speakers give advice on keeping yourself beautiful and healthy as well as a raffle valued up to $1680! There will also be other prizes, gift sets, and gift certificates given away as well!

Come join us!

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