1)  Deep Tissue Massage Therapy 

   Full deep tissue massage releases toxins from the body and provides relief for tired muscles . 

2) Relaxation Aroma Therapy 

    Adjust and combat stress, relaxing ,soothing and balancing the body system .

3)Aroma Touch

  Using eight different essential oils and special massage techniques to promote blood circulation and increase oxygen.

4) Manual Lymph Drainage 

     A soft soothing massage intended to encourage the natural circulation of the lymph   through the body, this technique is particularly helpful in reducing swelling, allowing the walls of the lymph vessels to breathe and stretch which encourages lymph drainage . 

5)Body Scrub With Milk & Honey Smoothie 

     As your skin is drenched in fresh warm milk, silk mitts make their way around your body to rid it of all dull skin to unveil the new smooth skin,  A gentle body scrub with fresh's milk bath. With coconut oil & honey, a full body mask ,moisturizing and whitening your skin.

6)Back Aroma Therapy 

   Essential oils penetrate the skin to deep open back, clear the meridians, decompression, relaxation, better play the role of physiotherapy, and promote blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, tighten skin and improve sleep.

7) LaStone Therapy

   Hot stone with earth energy, can function in the body of local and global systems, heat conduction through the deep heat continuously to enter the body, through the reflection point conduction, muscle tissue and joints have to stimulate and regulate the functions and essential oils for the body to maximize the effectiveness.

8)Refreshing Head Massage

  Through the head acupoint massage, and use peppermint essential oil clear your mind, let your brain get thorough rest.  

9)Tian Na Spa Signature Treatment For Women.


All body treatments include dry sauna and steam bath



1)    深层按摩护理(30分钟)$79

 深层组织按摩,释放体内毒素,让全身的肌肉得到 彻底的放松。

2)    舒压精油护理(60分钟)$129


3)   芳香舒眠疗程(60分钟)$159


4)   淋巴引流(60分钟)$139


5)  鲜奶、蜂蜜加美体磨砂疗程(60分钟)$149


6)    精油开背 (45分钟) $89


7)  热石按摩 (任何疗程都可以加)$39


8)   醒脑头部按摩(30分钟)$49


9)女性私房密语 (60分钟)$99

月经失调,情绪易波动,精神状态欠佳, 睡眠质量低下,潮热盗汗乏力,性冷淡或性无高潮等这些女性的私密花园,都可以用卵巢保养的疗程来改善和治疗。

10)  中医理疗-- 泥灸(任何疗程都可以加)$59